Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is E-learning replacing traditional education?

Education provides roadmap to uprising an individual, society, community or whole nation. Although it is important that what the stuff is included in education pack but more important is the method to educate someone. Today a new way of education is not only becoming a strong substitute of traditional learning but gradually replacing it. History of nations describe that human always resist against any change in tradition, then why E-learning is being adopted so rapidly. What is the reason behind this revolution? Human psyche tells that it adopt the things which are nearer to nature. Designing of E-learning is according to human mentality. Getting knowledge was never much easy in the history. Now knowledge is at your door step. Just click and get it. All this is possible due to distance learning solutions.
Distance learning is a way to get knowledge through web video conferencing . Students do not need to attend classes physically. A web cam, microphone and internet connection at computer can facilitate them to access virtual class room. History of distance learning is started from Europe in 1800’s. In the beginning, distance learning process was simple. Education institutes started it as extra service of education. Later on it become a complete industry and today distance learning is a strong alternate of traditional education system. In present days, this revolutionary education system has following forms. Correspondence courses, online education, internet based education, electronic education, e-education, electronic learning and E-learning. However there are no opportunities of extracurricular activities, college games, and class room discussions but getting knowledge without leaving home is a great benefit for students. Let us analyze some other benefits of distance learning solutions:
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